In 2020, the global handicrafts market was worth $718 billion. With online retail and e-commerce making handicrafts increasingly accessible, the International Trade Centre expects this figure will continue to grow.
    Although the sector is the second-largest employer globally, and provides jobs mainly for women, youth and rural populations, it has had very little investment, digitization, access to finance and markets.  
    Moving forward, ITC is focused on how to ensure that the craft industry’s business models are resilient to economic shocks and inclusive in their job growth.
    We strongly believe the sector is a vehicle for global economic, social and environmental impact. Our objective is to improve the sector’s digitalization, access to finance and capacity building. To that end, we also provide support in material sourcing, supply chain management, product development and design, export marketing and the use of electronic applications along the craft value chain. 

    The craft sector is key for engaging women, youth and rural populations in the global economy as it provides meaningful work and income
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    31 January 2022

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    Business Development Officer
    Ben-Ammar Rouaissia
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