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Entrepreneurship and strategic innovation


    ITC’s Entrepreneurship Programme focuses on experimental and applied learning, taking entrepreneurs through all the stages of start-up creation, from ideation to market validation, to first sales and funding. The programme provides a conducive framework for learning and value creation and starts to generate value as entrepreneurs apply the acquired knowledge. 

    We also provide start-up companies with mentoring and networking with successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. The programme helps entrepreneurs acquire important management skills to run the day-to-day operations of the new business, including soft skills to create, manage, and lead teams. 

    At the end of the programme, entrepreneurs have a market-validated product/service, a tested minimum viable product (MVP), the skills necessary for pitching, a solid business plan supported by robust data to improve the chances of obtaining funding, and the necessary strategy and management knowledge to successfully run the company. The programme consists of: 

    1. Boot-Camp - focuses on technical trainings, discussions, and peer learning. It consists of three days of intense training, and it allows entrepreneurs to discuss their business ideas, present them, and provide and receive feedback from their peers. The purpose is to foster peer learning, create and strengthen linkages with other entrepreneurs, and share ideas with like-minded individuals. Approximately 100 business ideas (150 to 400 entrepreneurs) are accepted in this stage. 

    2. Pre-Incubation - focuses on supporting entrepreneurs to build self-reliance by providing practical skills and advice. During eight weeks of pre-incubation, entrepreneurs are expected to update their business idea into a registered start-up company. Throughout the stage, entrepreneurs will participate in 16 sessions of training (three hours each) and eight sessions of one-to-one mentoring sessions (two hours each). The training addresses some of the same topics covered during the boot camp stage but goes much deeper in terms of technical depth and support. It also covers new topics such as the growth of the business, IT infrastructure, and product development. Approximately 50 business ideas (60 to 200 entrepreneurs) are accepted in this stage. 

    3. Incubation - lasts for six months, during which entrepreneurs will receive mentoring and technical coaching to develop, validate, and refine their value proposition. Entrepreneurs will receive seed funding from the programme, to support the launching of the business. Mentors and coaches will help entrepreneurs address technical and business-related problems, reach out to clients, and get traction, before pitching to investors.  

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    Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation

    ITC contact

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