Export Potential Map

    The International Trade Centre’s Export Potential Map uses big data in the service of trade development. The tool translates rigorous trade analysis into practical information on export opportunities. 


    The Export Potential Map evaluates a country’s export performance, a target market's demand, market access conditions, and bilateral linkages between the exporting and importing countries to estimate potential export values and rank opportunities for export diversification. 

    Why use this tool?

    The Export Potential Map provides timely and practical information on products, markets, and suppliers with untapped export potential.

    Who can benefit?

    Trade advisers can use the tool to provide detailed guidance to businesses on unexplored export opportunities.

    Policymakers can consult the tool to gather information about their country’s export potential when prioritizing products and markets for national and regional export strategies, as well as for trade policy negotiations.

    Private companies can use the tool to identify attractive target markets for the products they export.

    ITC contact

    marketanalysis [at] intracen.org