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    The International Trade Centre’s Investment Map database collects yearly Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics for about 200 countries and detailed FDI sectoral and/or country breakdown for about 115 countries. The Investment Map helps Investment Promotion Agencies identify priority sectors and competing countries for foreign investments, as well as existing and potential foreign investors. It also helps companies identify potential locations for investment abroad.


    ITC’s Investment Map is a web-based tool that helps Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) assess which sectors in their countries have successfully attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and prioritize sectors for investment promotion. It also helps IPAs identify competing countries for foreign investment and the most active investing countries in specific sectors. Moreover, information on domestic affiliates of international companies enables enterprises to find local links to global supply chains.

    The Investment Map is not only an FDI tracking tool that offers top-line aggregate figures, it also supplies FDI sector and country breakdowns. It combines information on investment flows and stocks, trade and tariff data, and activities of foreign affiliates under the UN’s ISIC revision 4. The Investment Map also provides direct links to other ITC databases, such as our Market Access Map and Trade Map, for a complete market assessment.

    What does the Investment Map include?

    • Total FDI flows and stocks for around 200 countries and territories
    • FDI flows and stocks, broken down by industry and/or country for more than 115 countries
    • Export and import data and indicators of trade performance for around 227 countries and territories
    • Tariff data applied by 187 countries and faced by 200 exporting countries and territories
    • Information on the location, sales, employment, and parent company on more than 150,000 foreign affiliates located in developing countries and economies in transition
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