MSME export development


    ITC’s Export Development Programme addresses the most pressing needs of exporting enterprises, as well as those of institutions that support them. Our programme includes technical knowledge and skills, certification of local professionals, and strengthening partner institutions’ technical portfolios. Our objective is to increase the number of exporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), support access to new markets, and strengthen local support ecosystems. Our programme offers:

    1. Export Accelerator - This service is co-designed with the partner institution, and each implementation is unique. It provides a structure for the provision of technical support to MSMEs, and builds on the business support organization’s existing portfolio and the needs of local enterprises. It includes a methodological approach and technical solutions to cater for the needs of three distinct types of internationalizing MSMEs: export aspiring companies, export ready companies, and export experienced companies;
    2. Certificate in Small Business Internationalization - This certification programme is designed to strengthen the technical capabilities of your business support organizations to support MSMEs in their internationalization efforts. The programme offers training and certifies technical staff and affiliated consultants of partner institutions on business competitiveness, MSME internationalization, and export management;
    3. Direct Assistance to Enterprises - This draws from ITC’s technical service portfolio and provides a clear identification of target market requirements and an assessment of your enterprise to understand the needs and challenges you face while attempting to enter a new market. Based on this information, and on your business, an improvement plan is then suggested. The plan may include various solutions addressing your managerial, strategic, and operational needs.

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