Responsible sourcing

    The International Trade Centre is committed to responsible sourcing, working with companies to consider the social and environmental impact of their business decisions. To that end, we work with key stakeholders to ensure that value chains deliver positive benefits to all those involved in the creation and delivery of products.  

    We understand that value chains need to be transparent and accessible, with understandable requirements that do not put undue burdens on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises - the backbone of the global economy. ITC provides online tools that allow for the sharing of information related to sustainability assessment and certification in agrifood and garment value chains. These free-to-use global public goods are neutral, secure, and come with complementary capacity building for small businesses in developing markets.  

    We also leverage all our tools, and decades of expertise, to encourage practices ranging from sustainable farming to improving working conditions in garment production, to increased traceability across sectors.  

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