The world’s largest database for sustainability standards.

    ITC’s Standards Map is a free online tool to easily find information and discover trends on standards for environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics, due diligence and traceability, among others.


    Navigating the constantly moving landscape of sustainability standards is challenging. That’s why we have developed a range of tools, specifically tailored for different actors along the value chain, to help you make informed decisions by better understanding available sustainability initiatives, and connect with like-minded business partners.

    With our Standards Map you can:

    • review 300+ standards by product, sector, area or focus and more;
    • compare standards side by side across 1650+ criteria;
    • see where you are in the standard compliance process and assess your business for sustainability readiness;
    • explore market trends for 14 sustainability standards across nine commodities and forestry.


    26 September 2021
    ITC Standards Map - 10 Year anniversary

    The last few decades have seen a huge expansion of trade volumes and the emergence of a new model for trading products, the global value chains. Sustainability standards, which have also seen a tremendous uptake, offer an innovative framework for more inclusiveness in trade, and more respect of people and the environment.


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