Strategies Implementation Management Tool

    The Strategies Implementation Management Tool (SIMT) is a web-based application providing key functions required to translate strategic plans into measurable results.


    SIMT is a modern, web-based application designed to effectively address the most critical challenges of strategy implementation. It builds on, and expands on other tracking tools, creating the conditions necessary for transparency, accountability and accuracy.

    SIMT allows ministries, institutions, agencies, sector associations and partners to:

    • establish an interactive platform to collect, share and archive information on strategy implementation
    • retrieve up-to-date and customized data on national/sector strategy implementation progress
    • easily access relevant information on implementation progress, new projects, engagement modalities, etc.
    • identify gaps and duplications between existent initiatives and strategic priorities
    • create unique sets of reports or communication materials on strategy implementation
    • identify implementation bottlenecks to better redirect efforts and resources.

    SIMT offers ITC partner countries with a powerful tool to stay on top of their Strategy’s implementation processes. It enables coherence between a country’s strategic objectives and its various policies, programmes and initiatives.

    SIMT is a global system adaptable to the specific requirements of national partners needs and requirements. SIMT represents ITC’s commitment to excellence in innovation.

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