Sustainability Map

    ITC’s Sustainability Map is a free online gateway that enables businesses to promote their sustainable practices, gain visibility in the international supply chain and connect to international buyers. Companies can easily create and manage online profiles and start to market their businesses.


    Building transparency for a sustainable future

    ITC’s Sustainability Map was designed to decentralize data and build more bridges between entities committed to sustainability. 

    Our Sustainability Map empowers micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) committed to sustainable production and processing to increase their business potential by:

    • Gaining visibility towards potential buyers looking for sustainable products 
    • Creating an online profile and QR code to market their business globally 
    • Easily verifying the validity of their certifications 


    Our Sustainability Map also supports international brands in sustainable sourcing and verifying the validity of their partners’ certification claims by:

    • Accessing trustworthy data and verifying suppliers’ sustainability claims 
    • Mapping and giving transparency to their supply chains 
    • Telling their sustainability story and strengthening their brand image to consumers


    Our Sustainability Map decentralizes data and builds bridges between entities committed to sustainability by:

    • Displaying certification and helping create a global public network of sustainable companies across sustainable initiatives
    • Leveraging our unique identifier to take part in blockchain projects focusing on transparency and traceability
    • Letting us take care of integrating data and updating it


    31 January 2022