Sustainability standards


    The International Trade Center fosters the connection between trade and sustainability and supports the implementation of sustainability standards.

    Sustainability standards are codes of conduct, audit protocols, norms of production and trade, that aim to protect the people and the environment during the production, manufacturing, trading and consumption of goods.

    Without these standards, production and trading can be unsustainable and lack high quality standards, leading to increasingly disruptive and systemic climate change and poor working conditions.

    ITC hosts and actively maintains the world’s first global database on sustainability standards, the Standards Map, used by governments, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large brands, as a guide for their actions towards sustainability.

    We not only analyze and present more than 300 sustainability standards, but also provide data intelligence and innovative digital solutions. Our work on standards is crucial to deal with the profound climate, social and economic resilience issues facing our planet today.


    6 March 2022
    We have released a new edition of the Standards Map!

    This is a user-friendly interactive tool to identify and compare more than 300 sustainability standards from the last decade. It can help you to make the right business choice and contribute to more sustainability and inclusion. You can navigate easily across the website, do the searches you need, and save and share your data. Please come and visit!

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    Advisor - Sustainability Standards & Value Chains
    Shemina Amarsy
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