Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism

    Trade regulations and procedures represent a major source of obstacles to international trade and a particular challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. The International Trade Centre’s Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism (TOAM) is a tool to support businesses to overcome such trade barriers.  


    TOAM: a tool to identify and tackle trade barriers

    ITC’s Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism (TOAM) reports and tackles trade barriers faced by small and medium-sized businesses.

    How can the Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism work for you?

    • Report and inform: Companies can report online the obstacles they face when exporting or importing.
    • Dispatch automatic alerts: National authorities and trade operators will be mutually alerted about the obstacles reported and the responses provided.
    • Monitor progress: Policymakers and trade support institutions can access an up-to-date information database on the obstacles  faced by the  private sector and put in place the appropriate policies.

    What are the Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism components?

    • An online platform connecting companies and fostering the exchange of information about trade regulations and procedures between the private and public sectors.
    • An institutional network ensuring the cooperation of different actors involved in the identification and resolution of problems reported through the online platform.

    What are the impacts?

    • Improving the business environment and regional economic integration by simplifying the flow of information between the public and private sectors.
    • Assisting national and regional authorities in the design of trade facilitation policies.
    • Providing the public and private sectors with the trainings and equipment needed to deepen the understanding of regulatory and procedural obstacles.


    12 April 2022

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