World Export Development Forum (WEDF)

ITC’s annual flagship event on trade and development, featuring strategies to connect businesses to new markets. 


    The World Export Development Forum, the International Trade Centre’s annual flagship event, is the ideal platform to discuss the latest issues around trade and development and strategies to connect businesses to new markets. It supports inclusive, sustainable and prosperous economies.

    Participants are from all over the world, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and representatives of international organizations, business support organizations and the media.

    WEDF 2023

    Date: 26-29 June 2023
    Location: Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia
    Partners: Co-host: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Mongolia

    High-level panels, practical workshops and business-to-business meetings aimed to boost innovation and forge business deals. Expanding trade opportunities for women entrepreneurs and youth received special focus.

    Past events

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - 18-22 November 2019  
    Trade and Invest in One Africa


    Lusaka, Zambia - 11-12 September 2018    
    Scaling up through trade: Skill - Innovate - Connect 

    Budapest, Hungary - 25-26 October 2017
    Trade – A force for good: Include, Innovate, Integrate  


    Colombo, Sri Lanka- 12-13 October 2016  
    Trade for Success: Connect, Compete, Change

    See videos from the event


    Doha, Qatar - 20-21 October 2015  
    Sustainable Trade: Innovate, invest, internationalize

    See videos from the event


    Kigali, Rwanda - 15-17 September 2014  
    SMEs: Creating jobs through trade 


    Jakarta, Indonesia - 15-17 October 2012  
    Linking growth markets: New dynamics in global trade 


    Istanbul, Turkey - 10-11 May 2011
    Private sector engagement with LDCs for tourism-led growth and inclusive sustainable development 


    Chongqing, China - 9-12 September 2010  

    Adapting to post-crisis world trade patterns, and lessons for export development 

    Montreux, Switzerland - 8-11 October 2008:
    Consumer Conscience: How Environment and Ethics are Influencing Exports 


    Montreux, Switzerland - 8-11 October 2007:  
    Bringing Down the Barriers - Charting a Dynamic Export Development Agenda


    Berlin, Germany - 27-30 September 2006:
    Export Development and Poverty Reduction: Linkages and Implications for Export Strategy-Makers 


    Montreux, Switzerland - 5-8 October 2005:
    Export of Services: Hype or High Potential? - Implications for Strategy-Makers 


    Montreux, Switzerland - 26-29 September 2004:
    Competitiveness through Public–Private Partnership: Successes and Lessons Learned 


    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - 18-21 January 2004:  
    Regional debate 


    Cancun, Mexico - 6-9 September 2003:  
    Business for Development: Implications for Strategy Maker 


    Santa Cruz, Bolivia - 11-14 June 2003:  
    Regional debate 


    Sofia, Bulgaria - 12-15 November 2003:  
    Regional debate   


    Montreux, Switzerland - 25-28 September 2002:  
    Managing Competitive Advantage: The Values of National Strategy  


    Muldersdrift, South Africa - 25-27 November 2002:  
    Regional debate 


    Montreux, Switzerland - 26-29 September 2001:  
    Is Your Trade Support Network Working?  


    Nairobi, Kenya - 26-28 November 2001:  
    Regional debate 


    Montreux, Switzerland - 27-30 September 2000:  
    Export Development and the Digital Economy  


    Annecy, France - 26-29 September 1999:  
    Redefining Trade Promotion - The Need for a Strategic Response 

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